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open24hrsWe think we are a bit different than many companies and services on the high street. “Your health is Our Business” is our motto. We are an innovative & socially responsible organisation. We are dedicated to creating resilient communities with a focus on health, wellbeing and creation of social capital. We hope, together with those communities we serve to build a better tomorrow.

Abbeydale Pharmacy opened its doors in 2008 in the densely populated, diverse community of Abbeydale. The intent of founding pharmacists Shakeel Rehman and Muhsin Rehman was ambitious but determined: to change the predominant pharmacy model from its narrow 


focus of prescriptions and retailing to a model that puts community at its core and wellness, education and prevention as the focus. 

Your health care experience begins the moment you walk in the door. Unlike many pharmacies the space is open, clear of retail clutter, the pharmacist is visible and accessible, not hidden behind a screen or elevated in an area removed from the customer.

 At Abbeydale Pharmacy our pharmacist is available and approachable, willing and able to answer questions about the health and the wellbeing of you and your family. There are consulting areas where you and the pharmacist can move to if you would like to discuss any concerns privately.

Our pharmacist facilitates quit smoking programmes, manages travel vaccinations, conducts medicine reviews, leads education classes for the local community, and everything in between. We believe people should be empowered to make decisions about their own health and wellbeing, and supporting our customers to achieve this is at the heart of everything we do. At Abbeydale Pharmacy you will be able to see a highly qualified Health Care Professional in minutes, without the need for an appointment. Think of us as a really easy to access friendly NHS Walk-In Centre.  

Abbeydale Pharmacy is located within the Abbeydale Road area of Sheffield which is a multi-cultural community. The makeup of our staff reflect this diversity. This reduces language and cultural barriers that sometimes prevent people from seeking care and support from their local health care providers. We employ local people, so our staff are from and live in the local communities we serve, so they genuinely understand the community because it is our community